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  1. questionDo Luminex mainframe virtual tape solutions support IBM zOS v2?
    Yes! Luminex mainframe virtual tape solutions support any operating system with 3490/3590 device support.
  2. questionDoes the Channel Gateway support EMIF environments?
    A: Yes.
  3. questionIs 3590 Emulation Supported?
    A: Yes. The Channel Gateway appears to the mainframe as a native 3590 interface with the same commands and capacities. Your applications will not require any modification.
  4. questionDoes the product work with directors/switches?
    A: Yes.
  5. questionAre multiple interfaces supported?
    A: Yes, multipath is supported where multiple FICON interfaces can access the same virtual devices.
  6. questionWhat Mainframe Operating Systems are supported?
    A: Virtually all versions of MVS and Z/OS are supported as well as VSE and VM.
  7. questionAre multiple LPARS supported?
    A: Yes, as you can see above, a rather large number of LPARS can be supported.
  8. questionHow many devices can be supported?
    A: 4096 virtual tape device paths are supported derived from: Up to 256 devices per control unit Up to 16 control units per port Up to 256 lpar-cu paths per port (logical paths) Up to 256 lpars per cu Up to 4096 lpar-device paths per port
  9. questionHow does the Mainframe connect to the Channel Gateway?
    A: Using the native FICON or ESCON mainframe channels