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  1. questionWhat's the recovery process at the DR location?
    A: Using a remote replication solution (such as those available from Data Domain) the recovery process is to simply vary the devices online! The volsers will be there waiting to be accessed. With VTLs and remote replication (such as those available from Sepaton and Copan), an additional (fast ...
  2. questionIs encryption an option?
    A: Yes! Luminex MVT or CGX solutions can either provide gateway-based encryption with Luminex's CGSafe or read/write to storage systems with built-in encryption capabilities. Please note that customers using deduplication storage systems with CGX are encouraged to use the encryption options fro ...
  3. questionIs remote replication an option?
    A: Yes! And not only that, using deduplication products, such as those from Data Domain, remote replication is far more cost effective versus channel extension and/or proprietary remote vaulting solutions.
  4. questionWhat are my options to get the data to the DR location?
    A: Many….
  5. questionHow does Channel Gateway support disaster recovery?
    A: The Channel Gateway enables the upgrade of existing disaster procedures to use new cost effective, secure and high performance DR storage solutions.