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  1. questionWhat about production and archive data?
    A: In 2008, major advancements and new product releases are expected to address portions of these markets.
  2. questionIs deduplication for backup data only?
    A: Deduplication is for all mainframe tape data, including: Batch HSM Archive Backup & Recovery Deduplication rates in all of these areas provide greater storage savings than any hardware compression for tape. Our customers experience a 90%+ reduction in their data storage footprint for batch, ...
  3. questionWhat's the difference between deduplication and compression?
    A: Deduplication is an intelligent compression process in which large common data segments are replaced with far smaller indexes that point to one common single instance of the common data segment. Compression is the process of replacing repeated bit patterns at the byte/word level with an inde ...
  4. questionHow does Luminex benefit from “pushing” deduplication?
    A: The flexibility of Luminex solutions, coupled with the experience of our Subject Matter Experts, allow data centers to leverage the "best of breed" storage technology that best fits its needs. For many data centers, deduplication can provide a significant improvement in backup and disaster r ...
  5. questionWhy should I be interested in deduplication?
    A: Deduplication, especially when used for backup data, delivers huge reductions in required storage capacity. 20 to 1 and greater reductions in physical storage are not uncommon. As a result, the operational cost of powering, cooling and hosting storage is vastly reduced. Plus, with the red ...