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  1. questionHow does the Channel Gateway determine which storage pool to use when a scratch tape is mounted?
    A: The Channel Gateway can easily be configured regarding which storage pool / filesystems to use. The selection mechanism is script based and easily modified by Luminex engineers. The two default methods are: 1) Use the filesystem with the most free capacity, and 2) Use the filesystems in a ro ...
  2. questionHow are Scratch pool requests managed?
    A: JCL is provided/written to periodically send to the Channel Gateway a report on the tapes that are to be placed back into the scratch pool. The report is sent to a special VOLSER on the Channel Gateway server. The Channel Gateway parses the report and performs the necessary actions. The scri ...
  3. questionCan multiple Scratch pools be defined and managed?
    A: Yes, multiple scratch pools are used by many of our customers. This allows them to better manage and utilize their available storage capacity.
  4. questionDo tapes need to be initialized (using IEHINIT) before use?
    A: No. The Channel Gateway will automatically provide the VOLSER label information for any tape that has not previously been mounted.
  5. questionHow are Private and Scratch mounts requests resolved on the Channel Gateway?
    A: The requests are received by the Load Display command (VSE is different, click here for how itís accomplished under VSE). The Channel Gateway uses the Load Display command information to make the tape data available to the mainframe. If the request is for a scratch tape, the Channel Gateway ...