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  1. questionDoes Channel Gateway/CGX support Data Domain OS
    Absolutely. Customers around the world are using Channel Gateway and Channel Gateway X (CGX) with attached Data Domain storage systems running DD OS Channel Gateway was designed from the ground up for maximum compatibility and flexibility, and continues to provide the highest performanc ...
  2. questionWill the Channel Gateway support multiple filesystems?
    A: Yes, not only will the Channel Gateway support multiple filesystems (i.e. storage pools), but it can also support different filesystems on the same server.
  3. questionWhat filesystem formats can be used?
    A: The Channel Gateway supports the use of many filesystems such as ZFS, UFS, NFS, QFS, and the Veritas filesystem VFS. Any filesystem that is supported by Solaris is usable by the Channel Gateway.
  4. questionDoes the Channel Gateway control the robot(s) in a Tape library?
    A: Yes.
  5. questionIs the Centera product from EMC supported?
    A: Yes
  6. questionAre virtual tape libraries supported?
    A: Yes. Virtual Tape products available from companies such as Copan, Sepaton, FalconStor and FalconStor OEMs are supported.
  7. questionAre physical tape libraries and drives supported?
    A: Yes.  Any SCSI, iSCSI or FC attached tape device is supported including those from Oracle/Sun/StorageTek, IBM, Quantum and other manufacturers.
  8. questionWhat storage interfaces are supported?
    A: Any device that can be seen by the native Sun Solaris system. Storage devices can be SCSI, iSCSI, Fibre-Channel, and NFS.