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  1. questionHow is the server and storage status monitored from the mainframe?
    A: Using Luminex's mainframe software Admin+, information such as filesystem capacity, server health, scratch tape monitoring, and many other actions and status can be initiated from the mainframe. The Admin+ feature provides the ability for scripts to be executed on the server, providing endle ...
  2. questionDoes the Channel Gateway have failover capability?
    A: Failover occurs at various levels and is dependent on the hardware configuration. For example, with the use of MPXIO on the server, failed Fiber-Channel interfaces will automatically switch over to a working interface. In a clustered environment in which multiple servers can access the same ...
  3. questionCan clustering be done for "no single point of failure"?
    A: Yes. Click here to go to our NSPOF page.
  4. questionCan remote diagnostics be performed?
    A: Yes, but only if remote access is provided to the Channel Gateway.