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  1. questionIs virtual tape a good fit for OAM applications?
    A: Yes! With the Channel Gateway a vast array of modern, cost effective and massively scalable storage solutions are available to replace the EOL’d 3995 devices
  2. questionWhat changes are required to my current application setup?
    A: The upgrade and conversion process is to reconfigure the OAM application to use tape-based storage and then to migrate the existing 3995 data to the Channel Gateway virtual tape storage. The process is no more or less difficult than converting OAM to other storage media and with the Channel ...
  3. questionDoes Channel Gateway work in OAM environments?
    A: OAM typically utilizes 3995 Write-Once Optical Media. That product from IBM is now EOL’d and customers are looking to upgrade and convert from 3995. The Channel Gateway opens up a wide array of storage solutions to replace 3995 in OAM environments. And YES the Channel Gateway is a g ...