8G Long-Wave FICON support

Luminex Channel Gateway Technical Alert
TN Number: CG1001 Date: February 2, 2011
Type: Conditional Upgrade
Title: 8G Long-Wave FICON support

Earlier Channel Gateways were shipped with 4G transceivers. The new IBM 8G FICON's do not properly negotiate down to the 4G rate if directly connected to the Channel Gateways. If you are planning on upgrading your mainframe to 8G you may need to upgrade the transceivers on the Channel Gateway. If there is a switch or director between the mainframe and Channel Gateway, the auto-negotiation occurs properly and upgrading is not necessary.

Prior to any mainframe upgrade please contact LUMINEX Support to determine the speed of your transceivers. If you do not have the 8G version, transceivers will be sent to you at no charge.

The transceiver change will require that the devices be offline.


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